NXNE: Where I’ll Be.

Awesome poster from last year.

Welp. NXNE is officially upon us. Excited? I am, I’ve got my schedule all done up (Thanks Terri!) and our passes are getting picked up today (Ditto!). I’m hoping the rain lets up, so we don’t get a repeat of the last few CMW/NXNEs which always seem to fall on rainy weekends.

I’m super excited to see some of these sets, especially Comanechi. They were a random blog download I made this year, and wasn’t expecting to see them show up at NXNE, but lucky for me they did. Of course TWM’s good friends The Cheap Speakers got a killer 3AM party set again this year, which I’m super will be killer. I’m looking forward to catching HEALTH live at Sneaks, getting to e-mail interview them was a highlight of the year, if not THE highlight.

Of course there’s a lot of other sets I’m glossing over, so here’s the list. As usual there are a bunch of bands I’ve never seen before but look forward to catching. Going into a set blind only to be blown away is one of the most fun parts about festivals like this.

Thu 8PM – Old World Vulture @ Rancho
Thu 9PM – Final Flash @ El Mocambo (down)
Thu 10PM – Seedy Seeds @ Rancho
Thu 11PM – Indian Jewelry @ Sneaky Dee’s
Thu 12AM – HEALTH @ Sneaky Dee’s
Thu 1AM – The Strange Boys @ Silver Dollar
Thu 2AM – Demon’s Claws @ Rancho
Fri 8PM – Dark Mean @ Dee’s
Fri 9PM – Polymorphines @ Rancho
Fri 10PM – The Setting Son @ Rancho
Fri 11PM – Comanechi @ Comfort Zone
Fri 12AM – Rah Rah @ Bread and Circus
Fri 1AM – Gramercy Riffs @ Bread and Circus
Fri 2AM – Freight Trains @ Rancho
Fri 3AM – Cheap Speakers @ Rancho
Sat 8PM – Wendy Leung @ Rancho
Sat 9PM – Cotton Mouth @ Rancho
Sat 10PM – Savoir Adore @ Sneaky Dee’s
Sat 11PM – Asteroid #4 @ Rancho
Sat 12AM – The Zeros @ El Mocambo (down)
Sat 1AM – The Darcys @ Rancho Relaxo
Sat 2AM – The Winks @ Rancho Relaxo
Sat 3AM – Krupke @ Rancho Relaxo


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