NXNE Thursday: Corduroy and Demon’s Claws at Rancho Relaxo

I’ve seen Corduroy several times now, and they delivered as expected: jangly, poppy, tight. The bar actually got busier during their set, late on a Tuesday night; that seems like a testament to the buzz they’ve slowly built, to me.

Also, Moe Berg was there and he seemed to be enjoying himself.

Demon’s Claws played next, at 2pm — well, technically, as they weren’t in a big rush to get on stage. The bar got fuller still and people were clearly excited for their set; unfortunately, that translated into shoving and beer-spraying. I’m too old for that shit, so I bailed.

Tomorrow I’m all over the place. Should be fun.



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2 responses to “NXNE Thursday: Corduroy and Demon’s Claws at Rancho Relaxo

  1. Mike LeTorres

    The asshole spitting beer on people was the same douchebag that soaked John Dwyer of Thee Oh Sees an hour earlier at the Great Hall. How can you spit and throw drinks at the people playing good music for you? What the fuck…

  2. There was some minor water bottle throwing in the “pit” at The Strange Boys last night, which is fine because it was mostly contained in that area and was only water.

    It definitely was annoying when some older dudes at the back near the bar did a bit of beer-spraying as if they decided to join in or something. How about don’t do that next time, thanks. It went right over lots of photogs, which I can’t imagine is a fun time for them when they’re carrying camera gear…

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