NXNE Saturday: Hannah Georgas, Krupke and more

My final NXNE evening started at the Horseshoe with the consumption of a fair number of rum and cokes. No festival is complete without a trip to the Horseshoe. The first band of the night was Library Voices, a band who band writes really fun, infectious pop music. They are a bit of an orchestra-style band with somewhere in the neighbourhood of eight people on the stage, including a saxophone. They do a really good job of the hand claps and group vocals style of music. It only took one drink to have me dancing on the spot.

Next was Hannah Georgas, who I had the chance to interview via email for TWM. Hannah writes pretty girl-with-guitar music that is infused with pop. Her music has more depth than you might expect from this genre– it’s quirky, with interesting lyrics and a unique flavour. I really enjoyed her set and plan to pick up her album for further listening pleasure.

After the Horseshoe, I made my way (stumbled) back to the Rancho where I was informed that I was supposed to be at Sneaky Dee’s with Terri. I’m not one hundred percent sure who I saw there.. two guys with gold chains? Some kind of 80s thing with a fair bit of synth? I do remember having another rum and coke. The schedule tells me it was The Magic.

After Sneaky Dee’s Terri and I went to the Elmo to catch someone else. Again, the schedule tells me it was the Zeros. I remember thinking that it sounded like pretty standard rock. Terri and I were more motivated by candy than by the prospects of catching the rest of this band, so we left early to pay a visit to 7-11. No festival is complete without a trip to 7-11.

To finish off the night we made our way back to the Rancho, which was hot and sweaty by that time in the evening. I spent a bit of time sobering up and then a bit of time waiting for the Krupke set to start as the band was unfortunately plagued with some technical difficulties. I caught a bit of Krupke’s quirky artsy, rock opera, pop goodness before I headed home to sleep.

NXNE was good. I am super grateful to my TWM partners in crime for all the fun and the chance to go out and hear some awesome music.


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