Disappears @ Sneaky Dee’s with Lovers Love Haters

Despite my body telling me it was a terrible idea, I was too excited about Disappears (featuring Brian Case of The Ponys) playing Sneaky Dee’s to pass up the opportunity to see them. Their album has been in my iPods solid rotation since it was released in April. Supporting them was band Lovers Love Haters (their vocalist was a member of The Organ). For a show with two bands that stem from other popular groups I expected more people out, but I guess that’s what happens when you play a show on the first Tuesday after NXNE.

Lovers Love Haters went on quite early and played a pretty sloppy set. I’m not sure if they just weren’t into playing last night because of poor crowd attendance, or if it was a part of the style they were going for (80’s influenced gloom-wave with shades of Nico). Either way, the energy was quite low. There was almost something endearing and charming in their sloppy sound that made me think their show could have been more worthwhile with a room full of people. Mostly I just didn’t dig the songs themselves, save for their closing number.

Disappears went on after a quick turnaround. Their sound is a mix of garage, punk-rock, krautrock repetitiveness (their 7-Inches all have cover art that plays off Can’s Delay 1968) and loud hazy guitar tones not unlike those found on shoe-gaze records. I love the record (“LUX”), but live they were even better. Tons of energy, loud enough to make my ears beg for ear-plugs, and just a bit more defined than on record. Live you could really notice how excellent a player the bassist is and how essential his grooves are. On record the drummer may sound like he’s just playing one thing, clicking along at the same pace– and he sometimes is– but at the show you really heard the small technical fills that have been right under your nose without you even realizing. An all around great, great show.

I highly recommend that you check out the record at the very least, and hope they come back through soon.

Dan Gorman



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5 responses to “Disappears @ Sneaky Dee’s with Lovers Love Haters

  1. Nice review – posted my pics here: http://bit.ly/cYU6iK

    Can’t wait to see these guys live again and for their next LP, out in early 2011 I believe.

  2. Awesome pictures! I was happy to hear about their new LP as well, I picked up their live LP at the merch table, pretty awesome too.

  3. Joe

    Good work.

    I think I enjoyed LHL more than you, but there are indeed some things they need to flesh out.

    I have a track from Disappears’ set posted here: http://mechanicalforestsound.blogspot.com/2010/06/recording-disappears.html.

    • Totally– I wouldn’t say I hated them completely. I would be interested in seeing them again or hearing them flesh certain things out.

      Sweet live track of Disappears, sounds good!

  4. Eli Stewart

    My two cents is that I thought Lovers Love haters were great. I’m not quite sure what this person who wrote this review is talking about. I think they just have a completely different musical taste. Check out this bands website, the songs are tastefully written.

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