Review: HotKid’s “Under The Streetlight EP”.

Rob Butcher and Shiloh Harrison are HotKid

HotKid are the kind of band that who– for a while– I thought couldn’t capture the greatness of their live show on record. I saw and loved them at CMW a year or two ago, and purchased their LP “Got it to Give’. On that record, the songs were there but the energy of their sets didn’t seem to be. I made sure to make it out to their Under The Streetlight 10″ EP release on Saturday, and as usual they played a really great show.

I’m happy to say that HotKid now have a record that stands up to their live show. Their 2009 record (Someday Somehow) was a great step in this direction– it was mixed/mastered by Rick White so you know it’s solid– but Under The Streetlight finally shows their full potential on the recorded format. Four songs and 12 minutes of dirty, heavy, garage-rock. It’s their first with drummer Rob Butcher, and his intensity on the drums brings a great balance to the band. Heavy without being crushing, and dirty without being lo-fi. Vocalist and guitarist Shiloh Harrison sounds a lot more comfortable too, her vocal melodies and riffs have never been better. The vocals here have been draped in a light layer of fuzz, which really suits her singing style.

Under the Streetlight is louder, faster, a little more technical, and a huge step up for a band that are hitting their stride and becoming a true force to be reckoned with. Grab the clear vinyl and you won’t be disappointed!

Click the image above to visit their site and stream a song off Under The Streetlight.

Dan Gorman



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2 responses to “Review: HotKid’s “Under The Streetlight EP”.

  1. lustandfury

    Wow the single they are streaming on their website sounds fantastic! I’ve always loved seeing this band live and these recordings seem like they’ll definitely capture the power of the duo. Can’t wait to hear the rest!

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