Today In Music News: Thursday July 15

Oh sigh, it’s Thursday. It’s a perfectly fine day, but it’s not Friday, you know? We really like Friday the best of the weekdays. But instead of getting down about it, we’re here to provide you with some fun music news. I think we could all use the distraction.

Ontario band Cursed Arrows are pretty awesome, and not enough people know it yet. You can get on your way to finding that out by checking out their new video, now online. Then, if you are in or near Toronto, you can catch them at the Rancho Relaxo this Friday night. The live show will be recorded, which is pretty neat.

Having seen them live, I can vouch for the fact that Tom Fun Orchestra is not just a clever name. You can experience some of their on-stage good times yourself when they hit the road in July and August, starting in Ontario and heading west.

Whatever you think of M.I.A.’s new album — and the reviews are certainly mixed — you have to admit that her recent performance on Letterman was pretty cool.

Popular Kingston buzz-band PS I Love You have released some information on their upcoming album Meet Me at the Muster Station. You can check out the track list, cover art as well as upcoming tour dates at Exclaim! today.

I’ve always been a bit outspoken when it comes to denouncing the RIAA’s anti-piracy tactics (suing 12-year-olds and grandmas for ridiculous dollar amounts per song, etc). In some interesting news, according to this blog the RIAA has actually been losing money in its lawyer-happy sue-fest. In one example — the year of 2008 — they apparently payed more than $16,000,000 to recover only $391,000. Exlcaim! has more info as well.

Bandcamp announced a revenue share plan, where Bandcamp will receive 15% of transactions, which drops to 10% when your all-time sales go past $5000. Sales made before the intro of this new model next month will be included in that $5000 benchmark, so if you’ve already made more than $5K in sales through the site you’ll start at 10 percent. The sites basic service, however, stays free.


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