Today In Music News: Friday July 16

Year Of The Ox Cover Art

Year Of The Ox Cover Art

Friday has finally arrived, but before you burn your keyboards or desks and run wildly out into the sun, we’ve got more news for you as usual!

Canadian genre-defying hardcore/indie/punk band Fucked Up have confirmed the next 12-inch in their “Year Of The…” series. It is called Year Of The Ox and will be out September 14th on MERGE Records. It features an 11-minute epic with strings and everything, so head over to Exlcaim! for more information on their upcoming releases in the series too.

Speaking of “fucked up”: this song is totally making me hiiiiigh, man. Either that or you’ve got way too much time on your hands. What kind of boring time do we live in when this is what parents are worked up about?

In legal news, the girl who appears on the cover of Vampire Weekend’s latest album CONTRA is suing the band (and the photographer) for $2 million dollars. Rumor is someone down the line forged her signature and she wants what is owed to her.

Arab Strap are reissuing their first two albums, The Week Never Starts Around Here and Philophobia, on August 17. You can prepare by practicing your sobbing.

CBC Radio 3’s R3-30 is celebrating its 200th chart, dating from its first one back in August 2006. To celebrate, they’ll be doing their anniversary show retro-styles. Congrats to a solid contributor to the success of Canadian music and musicians!

Arcade Fire are releasing eight different covers for their upcoming album, The Suburbs. If you want the album, you should purchase it one way or another, but you probably don’t need to get ALL eight. Just sayin’.

Up up up and down, turn turn turn around…The Vaselines are getting on the reunion train, and will be releasing their first studio album in more than two decades (!) in September before heading out on a tour of North America and the UK.

Do you want to win a trip to the Polaris ceremony in Toronto? Of course you do!


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