Today In Music News: Monday July 19

Hercules & Love Affair

Another week, five news news round-ups to look forward to. There were a few things of note this weekend, so here’s your chance to catch up.

If you’re looking for contests, Chromewaves’ Frank Yang is your man. He’s giving away guestlist spots at a slew of upcoming Toronto shows, including Hercules and the Love Affair at the Mod Club,  Calexico at the Phoenix, Black Mountain at the Horseshoe, and Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti at the Mod Club.

Not to be outdone, Herohill are running a contest of their own, giving away two tickets to see Elliott Brood in Toronto.

Did you know Insane Clown Posse are still around? Well, they are, and their song “Miracles” chalks up a variety of phenomenon — including — to magic, expressing their lack of desire to discuss the matter with scientists. I know you are all shocked! Well, the science outreach group Nosebridge decided that couldn’t stand and brought themselves to an ICP show to educate their fanbase, which was surely more entertaining than anything ICP has ever released.

The details for Ottawa’s i(heart)music festival have been released, and there are some great bands on the bill. You’re a fool if you don’t go see Parlovr, and Amos The Transparent, The Darcys, and Still Life Still are other solid choices.

You know, I’m a little disappointed that Stompin’ Tom is not stopping in Toronto on his upcoming tour.

Crystal Castles are in the news again as a result of their notorious live shows. This time Alice Glass began punching and spitting at an audience member — but for good reason: the patron groped her while she was getting close to the crowd.
“You touch my tits, I kick you in the fucking head”. The band ended the set 20 minutes early. But seriously, what kind of creep does that?

The sequel to Anchorman, a fine film if I ever saw one, was going to be a musical. The world is worse off for this having not happened.

Weezer front-man Rivers is already talking about a new album hot on the heels of their last disc, Raditude. They’ve left their label Geffen behind and will apparently sign with an indie label for the new record. Rivers has said it will be more “raw rock” than their recent output, but really can we trust anything Weezer related after their last few albums? “Is it gonna be an old-fashioned CD put out by a record label? Is it gonna be something that’s only online? Is it gonna be a shorter album, eight songs, is it gonna be a longer album, 20 songs? We don’t know. Everything’s up in the air right now.”

Think you’re cool, with all your vinyl? Think again. Joan Of Arc are reissuing their albums in a cassette box set. Now that’s cool. (An inconvenient listening experience, though.)


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  1. lustandfury

    Wow ICP’s video/song ‘Miracles’ is some unbelievable stuff:

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