LP Review: Best Coast — Crazy For You

You know what? Sometimes you just need a summer album. That’s how I feel about Crazy For You, the debut full-length from California’s Best Coast. They’re not reinventing the wheel with their lo-fi rock, equally fuzzy with 90s alt-rock and the Beach Boys. The song content mostly focuses on boys, with slight detours into cats and weed. But it’s good, and it makes me happy, and sometimes that is more than enough.

The album works in part because Bethany Cosentino and Bobb Bruno let little hints of darkness seep into their sonic sunshine. Cosentino’s vocals aren’t syrupy sweet, and Bruno’s guitar doesn’t shine too bright. A little cynicism goes a long way when crushes are a frequent topic of conversation in these tracks. On tracks like “Honey”, the band strikes the same element of melancholy that makes songs like “Leader of the Pack” and “Runaround Sue” strike your heart amid their pop hooks.

The lyrical content is straightforward, but it’s not dumb; Best Coast know what they’re doing and what they’re good at, and they’re going to stick to that. “I wish he was my boyfriend,” “I’m always crazy when I miss you,” “I promise you anything” — that kind of simple sentiment is universal and enduring. These are the lines of a thousand teenaged summers, and the soundtrack to mine.

Hear Crazy For You yourself at the Wichita Recordings website.


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  1. Ditto! I’ve read some people complain about the simplicity of Beth’s lyrics, but really is that such a huge problem on an album this catchy? Her lyrics are simple but yes, very universal.

    It’s also short and goes down easy. Sure maybe I won’t be listening to this album all year, but it’s addictive listening for the summer.

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