Today In Music News: Tuesday July 20

Left: Andy Hummel

It hasn’t been a great year for Big Star fans, it’s been four months since Alex Chilton passed away and now Andy Hummel dies at 59. He had been fighting cancer for 2 years. More information through the link at Exclaim!.

Ex-Death from Above 1979 member Sebastien Grainger has let some small morsels of information out of the bag today in regards to his upcoming solo album Yours To Discover. Grainger said via. Facebook: “the songs are incredible. I may do multiple limited releases of singles then do a full LP later in the year.”

Speaking of Grainger, he collaborated with k-os on a track on the hip-hop artist’s upcoming mixtape. Drake is another contributor to Anchorman Mixtape, which will be released on August 6.

World Of Fugazi put up a post recently which hints at the possibility of almost every live Fugazi set going digital. Guy Picciotto says: “we are not that far away from being able to set up our own website where ultimately almost every show we ever played will be available for download.” Sign. Me. Up.

It looks like Weezer might be releasing a deluxe edition of Pinkerton in the fall. DO THIS. On vinyl.

MOG just launched its official app for the iPhone and Android phones, which means you can have unlimited streaming to your device for $10 a month.

Ryan Adams is, unsurprisingly, busy recording music: two solo albums, to be exact. He’s got another two albums ready to release. And he thinks you should listen to Laura Marling, by the way.

The shortlist for the Mercury Prize was announced today, and it includes The XX, Dizee Rascal, Foals and the above-mentioned Laura Marling.


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