TWM This Week: July 26 to Aug 1

I can’t believe it’s already the end of July! Where is the summer going? You can lament this quick progression of time at the Rancho Relaxo this week, where TMW has a bunch of awesome shows featuring awesome acts like The DGB and Karoshi. Order a good warm-weather drink, will you?

Wednesday July 28
Parking Lot Special ( — last
Witchways West ( — 2nd
Human Bodies ( — first
Rancho Relaxo / Pay What You Can

Thursday July 29
Rockyard (
The Creekwater Junkies (
South of Bloor
Rancho Relaxo / $5

Friday July 30
The DGB ( at 12:25
Bad Fate ( at 11:35
Huddle ( at 10:45
Elos Arma ( at 10:00
Rancho Relaxo / $6

Saturday July 31
Sexy Merlin (
Karoshi (
Fire.End.Water (
Rancho Relaxo / $5

Sunday August 1
Rez Raida
Mike Dara
Unlikely Heroes
Tre Leji
Jake Blues
Jonezy Jay
Rancho Relaxo / $5 before 11:30, $10 after


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