Today In Music News: Wed July 28

Amos the Transparent — along with Vancouver singer/songwriter Laurell — have been picked from a list of artists to represent Canada in Brisbane, Australia’s 2010 BIGSOUND music festival! That’s a pretty big deal, and awesome news for anyone who has been following their very successful career so far. Congrats Amos! BIGSOUND takes place September 8-10 in Fortitude Valley.

Peaches Christ Superstar is coming to New York City. It should come to Toronto, so we can go.

Spinner has a cool article about the recent documentary I Need That Record! which explores the problems facing vinyl culture and indie record shops in recent years. The film was released on DVD in April but only just became widely available. I’ve seen some of it and it’s super interesting, so check it out.

Jason Collette is embarking on a Canada-wide tour, and he’s paring things back musically a little bit. The Undressed tour (and a rumored physical album of re-recorded songs) will feature Collette stripped down to nothing but himself and an acoustic guitar, so those of you dying to catch him in a more intimate setting will want to snatch up these tickets as soon as possible!

Rush fans rejoice, the prog-rock band has released an iPhone application that features photos of the band, information about their songs (did you know “Anthem” was inspired by Ayn Rand?), albums and tours, exclusive wallpaper and art, electronic bobbleheads for each member, and more.

Neil Yong is ready to release Archives Vol. 2, as well as four whole albums of unreleased material. According to Young’s website, “These albums initially will be released in vinyl from analog masters as they originally were created for that format.”

Here’s a musical trend far more interesting that vampirecore, whatever that is: sissy bounce. The New York Times Mgazine covered it recently, describing the genre as “New Orleans’ gender-bending rap.”

In awesome news, an additional $700,000 in funding for Canadian campus and community radio was recently announced by the CRTC. I have nothing snarky to say about that.

The Osheaga Festival is on this weekend at Parc Jean Drapeau — check out a great and and help out a great charity by visiting Parlovr as they busk for change for War Child during the fest.

Vancouver singer/songwriter Laurell

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