Today In Music News: Tues Aug 3

Holy Fuck - Latin

Well, we missed out on music news for Monday… but don’t worry! We’ve got a full plate of tasty news for you on this fine Tuesday afternoon. It’s nice out and even though we’re all back to work, we enjoyed a nice long weekend. So dig in!

First up: Holy Fuck are hitting the road into the fall in support of their latest album, Latin. Will you catch them live?

Stereogum has a new Eels MP3 up to stream from his upcoming album Tomorrow Morning. The album is his third in a year, completing the trilogy he started with El Hombre Lobo & End Times. If you’re a big Eels fan like myself, but haven’t been able to keep up with the glut of recent activity you can catch more new songs and a recent video for Spectacular Girl too.

There’s a cool photo gallery piece over at SPIN called “In The Studio With Telekinesis”. It’s an interesting look into the recording of Telekinesis’ follow up to their 2009 self-titled slice of power-pop goodness. Anyone else excited for this?

Built to Spill are one of my favorite bands, so hearing that they’ve re-recorded seven of their own songs as synth-pop tracks has me intrigued. Built to Spill have shown their sense of humour in the past (like when they covered one of the many songs featured on Tim and Eric Awesome Show), so I imagine they will be a hoot.

The first Vimeo Awards will be held in NYC on October 8 and 9, and M.I.A. is among the roster of judges, which also includes Morgan Spurlock and David Lynch.

Pitchfork have put up an excellent interview up with Beck today. Among the topics discussed are his Scott Pilgrim soundtrack contributions, his record club project, and the possibility of releasing more Beck tunes — or even an album — by the end of the summer.

Over the weekend Owen Ashworth (of Casiotone for the Painfully Alone) talked to exclaim! about the possibility of ending the band. Sad news indeed, but from the sounds of it Owen won’t stop creating music any time soon. “I’m getting older and my tastes are changing and I want to recognize those changes and be honest about what kind of person I’m becoming.” […] “I’m sure I’ll keep writing songs on my own, too” Casiotone will be playing The Piston in Toronto on 10/8, more dates through the link!

Want to know what it’s really like to work in a record store? Here’re some video explanations.


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