Today In Music News: Wed Aug 4

Metric performing live.

This week is shaping up to be a much shorter one, thanks to having Monday off! Check out the daily news below!

If you can be near Union Station in Toronto at 7pm tonight, you can catch Metric playing for free.

The supreme leader of Iran issued a fatwa banning all music in the country, declaring it incompatible with the regime’s values.

Add Black Mountain to the list of bands hitting the road in the remaining months of 2010 — they’ll spend the fall touring Europe and North America.

Hot Chip will release a remix EP on September 7, featuring tracks reworked by Caribou, among others.

In an interview with AUX, We Are Scientists have jokingly made the claim that they beat everyone to the “cats-on-album-cover” trend that is so hot lately. “I don’t feel any ownership of it, but I think cats are incredible, mercurial and mysterious creatures” […] ” We got there way before these other bands did, obviously we perceived it sooner, but that doesn’t mean we own it. That’s cat’s property”.

Speaking of that trend, noted cat-lovers Wavves are not being sued by Disney despite front-man Nathan Williams recently hinting about it on twitter and then at a recent live show. Apparently he claimed to have agreed to remove “Mickey Mouse” from future pressings, but this is said to have been a joke according to a label rep. Pretty “hilarious” joke bro.

The CRTC just released a report on turntablism and culture. I’m okay with my tax dollars going towards this.

Spoon performed last night on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, a highly anticipated performance since images of ?uestlove drumming with them circulated around late afternoon yesterday. So go check it out because: a) Spoon are awesome. b) ?uestlove is awesome. Need I say more?

Les Savy Fav found out that a lot of people had already gotten their hands on their upcoming album, Root For Ruin?, even though its release date isn’t until September. So the album was released yesterday in digital format, and the band has set up a donation page for those who downloaded it illegally and feel a bit bad about it now.

Photo by Flickr user micn2sugars


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