Today In Music News: Wed Aug 11

After years of rocking Canadians across the country, Constantines are going on a hiatus of undetermined length. Looking forward to what comes out of these guys creatively through other outlets.

Kingston’s PS I Love You are doing some serious touring in support of their upcoming release, Meet Me at the Munster Station. They’ll be joined on the road, at various times, by Japandroids, Ladyhawk and Frog Eyes.

An Elliott Smith compilation album, featuring songs from all his studio releases, is coming out in November. Just go buy one of his actual albums instead; they are good. Side note: I can’t believe it’s been nearly seven years since he died.

Spike Jonze stacked the soundtrack for his short film “I’m Here” with a who’s who of hip musicians, including Girls, Sleigh Bells and Animal Collective.

If you are a particularly eager beaver, Canadian Music Week is now open for submissions. Yes, the one that’s held in March.

The nominations have been announced for the Western Canadian Music Awards for this year. Cord Lund, Dan Mangan and Grand Analog are among those singled out for awesomeness.

Photo by Lorri Auer, used via Creative Commons


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