Today In Music News: Thurs Aug 12

Women perform live at NXNE 2010

Women — the popular Canadian post-punk band — have put up their upcoming sophomore album Public Strain for pre-order yesterday. Their label Flemish Eye is also offering an exclusive seven-inch to those who pre-order as well, so you won’t want to miss out on that.

Artists are really getting on the game of giving users a say in their music videos. This endeavor from Broken Bells is one of the cooler examples, letting you poke around a Flash project in a self-directed manner.

On September 28, Owen Pallett is releasing a new EP through Domino.

On that note, Panda Bear will have a new single off his forthcoming LP Tomboy on September 28th. The single will arrive in the form of a seven-inch, and will be distributed in Canada through Outside Music.

Thom Yorke performed a new Radiohead song, as he called it, at the Big Chill Festival in the UK — you can now check it out online.

Arcade Fire are performing on The Daily Show tonight, so set your PVRs.

Kanye West hype has been ramping up over the past few weeks, what with his arrival on twitter and his polarizing “video-painting” for Power. Here’s some more fuel for the hype-machine: Kanye has dropped some more information about his upcoming release (and about his personal life as well) in a recent interview with Hot 97 DJ Angie Martinez. “Kanye reveals a lot in the interview, discussing his arrest for attacking paparazzi, the Taylor Swift incident, his time as an intern for Fendi in Italy and his recent break-up with model Amber Rose. In addition, he dropped some more details about his next album.” More info through the link!

Beck’s apparently got a whole completed album in the can, so fans should watch for new tunes from him coming out soon. He’s also got a track on the Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World soundtrack.

The Guardian has been running a daily feature on new bands, and now they’ve published a playlist of all the artists featured this year. There’s some solid stuff on there, check it out.

The Golden Dogs filmed themselves performing their new album Coat Of Arms in its entirety — you can check out the first two videos from the project on their website.

Franz Ferdinand singer Alex Kapranos is no fan of album leaks, he told the Beeb. “I don’t like it. The people who leak it don’t actually give a damn. It’s purely to be the guy that did it. ‘I want to be the guy that leaked the Arctic Monkeys.'”


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