Today In Music News: Mon Aug 16

Arcade Fire have extended their current tour in support of The Suburbs, adding dates in Canada, the States and Mexico.

Despitado were an amazing Canadian post-punk band who only put out two releases in their short lifespan: an EP and posthumous digital only LP on Jade Tree Records. Members of the band moved on to perform in Sylvie and Rah Rah, but Despitado fans rejoice! The band is reuniting to perform a handful of shows in Saskatchewan. Maybe if we’re lucky it will lead to more Canadian dates, but I wouldn’t hold your breath.

Art-jazz-pop-etc. band Aloha’s debut EP is receiving the vinyl treatment for the first time ever thanks to their record label Polyvinyl Records. The band broke the news today on twitter. An interesting tidbit via the Polyvinyl website: Aloha is the only band Polyvinyl ever signed on the strength of a demo-tape alone.

Wondering what’s coming out of Finland these days? How about Argentina? Lucky for you, the August 2010 Music Alliance Pact playlist features songs from a whole host of countries, available for free download.

Hot Panda have a new album coming out this October, which provides a very good reason for them to hit the road when they start their Canada-wide tour next month.

Malaria No More is using the power of music to fight the preventable disease that kills 3000 people worldwide every day.


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