Today In Music News: Tues Aug 17


We made it through Monday… phew! Only a few more days until the weekend. As usual Terri and I have some news for your reading pleasure this afternoon:

Superchunk’s reissued and remastered versions of On The Mouth and No Pocky For Kitty are out today. Remember to go pick them up on vinyl, but in the meantime check out this interview with bassist and Merge Records co-owner Laura Ballance.

Do Make Say Think will be a part of an upcoming concert series this year at TIFF where artists will perform live scores to silent films from the TIFF Essential 100 list of “must see films”. Other artists involve include DJ Spooky and more.

Imogen Heap is working on a film called Love The Earth, and she’s looking for fan footage to include. Heap’s after images of nature — no people and no pets, but other than that it’s wide open.

MOGWAI’s live album Special Moves is up to stream on until August 24th. The album itself will be packaged with a video companion called Burning when it makes its way into the physical realm, but for now a pre-order is available.

Here’s a little PSA against stage diving: Los Campesinos! singer Gareth Campesinos! has a concussion, ripped ear and sprained wrist after some moshing gone wrong at the Summer Sundae Weekender in the UK. Heal up quickly, Gareth!


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