Heartbeat Hotel’s Debut Album “Fetus Dreams” Now Streaming!

Heartbeat Hotel's Fetus Dreams Cover Art

Have you checked into the Heartbeat Hotel yet? If not, I suggest you make a reservation — and the best part about it is they will let you try out the place before you decide what you think.

Lots of you already know about one of the most creative and buzzing bands in Toronto right now. Heartbeat Hotel have just put their debut full-length Fetus Dreams up for download — for FREE — via bandcamp. That’s a pretty great deal, if you ask me.

I almost never write album reviews anymore. It just results in people questioning whether or not a venue booker with friends in the local music scene is honestly reviewing a record. This is more about imploring you to take advantage of the opportunity to check out an album and a band that could well be exploding all over the place in the near future — for FREE — and see what the buzz is all about.

For me with Heartbeat Hotel always reminds me of the younger, more underground Animal Collective — except not in a carbon copy sort of way. This band has elements of noise, experimental, indie-pop, indie-rock, tribal drums AND massive creativity in whatever it is they do. Their live show is a gem to see and even that has evolved exponentially in the time the band has been around.

Heartbeat Hotel are at the front of a music scene that is galvanizing Toronto right now. This is the scene that doesn’t need traditional venues, traditional song structure, traditional band structure or any sort of boundaries at all. They do what they want and love doing it. You can feel that excitement in the recording they’ve released.

Don’t believe me? Still too lazy to download the album? I’ve streamed my personal favourite “Windowsill 1” here for you so you can listen for yourself and make up your mind. If you dig that, grab the album. Tweet about it! Facebook it! Spread the word! Bands give shit away for free with the hopes that doing so will get their music into more ears; the least you can do if you grab the free album is help them accomplish that goal.

Am I wrong?





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2 responses to “Heartbeat Hotel’s Debut Album “Fetus Dreams” Now Streaming!

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  2. Nikita

    Windowsill is absolutely amazing! I’m addicted to it on my ipod. Such a fantastic song, and amazing writing. Im in love!

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