Last Lungs “Look At That Old Grizzly Bear” (Deep Elm)

Now here’s a label that I haven’t thought about in a while: Deep Elm. There was a time when I’d grab most releases from the indie-rock and emo based label, but lately I haven’t been following their releases. That changed today when I heard Last Lungs. For those of you who like your post-rock as melodramatic and cinematic as possible while still maintaining a melodic pop edge, I present their new record Look At That Old Grizzly Bear. It may just be because they’re label-mates, but I hear shades of The Appleseed Cast in Last Lung’s sweeping instrumentals. If you’re looking for more post-rock in your musical diet, this band might be right up your alley.

Via. Deep Elm:

The flawless flow of soaring guitars and storming soundscapes aside, it’s really Last Lungs’ keen ability to know just when to punch in and pull back that undoubtedly casts an anchor for this band on the modern instrumental stage. Look At That Old Grizzly Bear is elegantly epic, sweepingly cinematic music that always pays off. Go get your headphones.

The album was released on August 3rd, so that means it’s ready for you guys to go out and grab if you like what you hear. If you’re not quite convinced from the video above, check out one more free track by clicking here via. Deep Elm Records.


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