Seen and Heard: Best Coast, DD/MM/YYYY, Big Boi, more

New feature! A regular-ish collection of the latest in videos and songs on the web

Best Coast has a new Super 8-eriffic video.

I like your furry hat, Big Boi.

Right now you can watch All Tomorrow’s Parties at Pitchfork.

DD/MM/YYYY have recorded a Daytrotter session, which you can now check out for free online. (Photo by Jackman Chiu)

The National performed live for The Current, and their set included a new song.

Cee-Lo Green has a new song, with a new video. It’s pretty great, and will likely be stuck in your head for ten days. (Photo by Jeremy M Farmer)

Janelle Monai may have seemed like the oddball on the Toronto Island Sadies/Arcade Fire gig earlier this month, but she is plenty awesome in her own right — check out the videos for her songs “Cold War” and “Tightrope” for evidence.

All photos via Creative Commons


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