Seen and Heard: Parlovr, Health, Matt and Kim, more

We’ve been digging on Parlovr for a while here at TWM, so it’s exciting to see a video for their single “Pen To The Paper” now that they’re on Dine Alone.

Watch the video and download the MP3 of the Raveonettes’ cover of a Stone Roses track, “I Wanna Be Adored.”

Check out a Little Loud remix of Health’s “Nice Girls.”

Rejoice, indie kids: you can now sample a track from Sufjan Stevens’ upcoming album The Age of Adz.

Matt and Kim are streaming the title track for their new album Cameras on their Facebook page.

Watch “The Truth Is In the Dirt,” the new video from Karen Elson’s solid debut album.

Listen to a song from the collaboration between Jenny Lewis and Johnathan Rice, Jenny and Johnny.

Coke Machine Glow is also streaming a new song from No Age, “Glitter.”

Whatever you think of D-Sisive, this album cover is pretty great.

Kanye West’s new song features Bon Iver. Yeah, really.

Luke Doucet’s collaborator on this cover of “Jolene” is his daughter Chloe.

Frightened Rabbit cover The National. A million hipster girls squee. (Me, also.)


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