News from Apple’s music-centric event

I know, I know — this is not a tech blog. But Apple’s event today was music-centric, and Apple’s music-related devices and programs are very popular. So here’s a quick round-up of what was announced.

  • The iPad’s OS has been beefed up, and one of the new features will be the ability to stream music and video from iTunes to the iPad via AirPlay (formerly AirTunes).
  • The Shuffle keeps getting cheaper, now dropping to $49 for 2GB. It’s also got the buttons and different colour options back.
  • The Nano is now teeny-weeny, which is great, but has a touch screen, the usefulness of which remains to be seen considering how small it is.
  • The iPod Touch gets a camera, retina display, HD video recording, the same chip that runs the iPhone and some very attractive price points.
  • A social network, Ping, has been added to iTunes, and is available today. You can use it on the iPhone and iPad too.

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