Today In Music News: Fri Sept 2

If you liked the video from Parlovr we put up recently, you should be happy to hear that they’ve got a brand new EP coming out on October 19th called Hell / Heaven / Big / Love. The band recently signed to Dine Alone Records, so we can only assume a full-length record is coming in the near future.

Robert Schneider, the frontman of Apples In Stereo, claims to have created a theremin…that he controls with his MIND. He gives instructions for making your own, so you can test his invention out for yourself.

Wanna be in Pavement? You could be, for a day.  The band is performing on Fallon on September 23, and they’re running a contest wherein one lucky fan will get to play guitar with them on stage. That’s pretty bad-ass.

If you’re feeling like some “Sad bastard music” as Jack Black would say, Belle and Sebastian have two new songs that you can hear included in their new half-hour promotional video.

Hip-Hop jokers Das Racist have a new mixtape, a new video, and a new… video game? Yup, and it’s just like their 8-bit inspired video for Who’s That? Brooown! too.

Hot Kid are shooting a music video, and you can be in it! If you can show off your dance moves on camera during the afternoon of September 18, you can have your moment in the sun on YouTube.


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