Today In Music News: Mon Sept 20

Vivian Girls are moving over to Polyvinyl for their next record, Share The Joy, which will be released some time in spring 2011.

Sub Pop’s lo-fi punk band Male Bonding — who’s record Nothing Hurts was a great slab of rock goodness — have entered the studio recently with… Rivers Cuomo? Pitchfork caught up with frontman John Arthur to talk about it:

We got an email from his assistant or somebody at “Would you like to do a songwriting session with Rivers?” We first thought someone was winding us up, so we sent it to Sub Pop so they could check out the credibility. […] We just thought we’d maybe jam for a few hours, record the whole thing, and he could take it away with him. But he was like, “No, we’re going to write songs and record it now.”

Speaking of Weezer, the band has confirmed that they’ll be doing a Blinkerton tour — all songs from the blue album and Pinkerton.

In a casting move that is either genius or disastrous — there is no in between with this — Sasha Baron Cohen will play Freddie Mercury in a biopic.

Influential Canadian post-rock band Godspeed! You Black Emperor are returning to the stage this year, and they’ve got some North American dates up now.

Photo by parttimemusic, via Creative Commons


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