Today In Music News: Tues Sept 21

The Polaris jury went and threw everyone a curveball by announcing Les Chemins de Verre by Karkwa as this year’s winning album. Of course, then people started whining about it being a conspiracy to throw French Canada a bone — the same people, we’re guessing, who would have whined about predictability if Shad won or rewarding bands that don’t “need” the money if Broken Social Scene won. We say congrats to Karkwa, and we hope that this prize allows them to get their music out to a wider Canadian audience.

Shad and the Besnard Lakes didn’t go home with a bunch of money last night, but they did recently work together in the Northwest Territories.

Phoenix are offering free high-quality multi-track downloads of songs from their most recent album, Wolfgang Amadeus, and asking fans to go to work on re-producing the tracks.

Lo and behold, Fiona Apple is apparently releasing an album in 2011. The still-untitled disc, due out some time in the spring, will be album number four for her.

And finally, new albums out today: Meligrove Band, Emm Gryner, Russian Futurists, You Say Party, Modern Superstitions, Woodpigeon and John K. Samson.

Photo by Erin Brown-John, via Creative Commons


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