Today In Music News: Fri Sept 24

As a band, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs are now ten years old — check out some footage from their anniversary show in Brooklyn.

Remix albums are so hot right now; accordingly, Metric are recruiting fan submissions for theirs.

Been waiting patiently for Pandora to launch in Canada? Keep at it; they and other streaming services are in no hurry, thanks to the huge licensing fees the government requires.

I’m pretty excited for this previously-unseen David Bowie DVD that’s coming out in late November.

Broken Social Scene paid a visit to the Yo Gabba Gabba set, as all indie rockers are now contractually obligated to do. Soon they’ll be heading to Switzerland to play the Heartland Festival, along with the Acorn and Destroyer.

Andrew Bird is releasing Useless Creatures, the instrumental album that came with last year’s Noble Beast, as a stand-alone disc.

Meligrove Band are getting their tour on.

And this week marks the 25th anniversary of Farm Aid.

Photo by Chris Goldberg, via Creative Commons


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