Today In Music News: Wed Sept 29

In a shocking outbreak of usefulness, MySpace will live-stream this weekend’s Matador at 21 shows in Las Vegas. Acts for the musical extravaganza include Spoon, Fucked Up, Pavement, Sonic Youth and Cat Power.

Speaking of Fucked Up, they’ll be playing some dates with Arcade Fire in Europe.

I’ll be seeing Born Ruffians in Brooklyn this weekend; if you aren’t catching them while they’re on tour, listening to their new Daytrotter session is not a bad substitute.

A U.S. appeals court ruled yesterday that the music licensing fees paid by companies like Yahoo should be re-evaluated.

In a written opinion, a three-judge panel said the district court “did not adequately support the reasonableness” of the method it used to measure the value of the Internet companies’ music use or of applying a royalty rate of 2.5 per cent to the companies’ music-use revenue.

It instructed the lower court to determine whether there are “more precise or practicable” methods of setting a rate for the use of ASCAP members’ music.

The Dandy Warhols are on tour, and they’ve got several Canadian dates planned for this fall.

This blurb on the reissue of Pinkerton says “4LPs” — that means it’s coming out on vinyl, right? RIGHT?!

The Tranzac Club in Toronto has launched an emergency fundraising campaign.

NPR argues that many of America’s finest songs are being lost because they are not being transferred over to digital.

As one scholar quoted in the study pointed out, the default for digital information is not to survive unless someone takes conscious action to save it.

Musicans? Do yourselves and future generations a favour and archive your work.

Photo by Carlo Cravero, via Creative Commons


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  1. lustandfury

    Fucked Up opening for AF is strange!

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