Today In Music News: Thu Sept 30

Karkwa may use some of their Polaris Prize money to record an EP with Besnard Lakes and Radio Radio.

Aaron-Carl Regland, a Detroit DJ and founder of Wall Shaker Music, passed away due to cancer.

Les Savy Fav are on the road for most of November, touring across Europe.

Tim Midgett (of indie bands Silkworm and Bottomless Pit) has taken it upon himself to start up a campaign focused on paying off Steve Albini’s Electrical Audio mortgage.

Thus: the “Pay Off Electrical Audio” campaign, probably to the endless embarrassment of the oft-surly Albini. The premise: If 2000 people can donate $115 a piece, the total will cover the rest of the mortgage. The campaign just launched today and has already raised almost $15,000 in donations. No one will be forced to pony up unless the goal is met, and there’s no minimum donation amount.

Arab Strap’s Aidan Moffat has a new project called Ten Short Songs for Modern Lovers. Aidan himself in the past had his own sex column, so this isn’t too far out of what we’ve come to expect from the singer-songwriter.

Montreal based Braids have officially signed to Kanine Records (home to Surfer Blood and more). Keep an eye out for information on their debut record some time in the near future.


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