CAKE Announces Showroom Of Compassion for January

It doesn’t matter to me what people say about the last few CAKE records, ever since I fell for Fashion Nugget I’ve always made time to check out their new releases. And with that, CAKE have announced their first record in seven years: Showroom Of Compassion. The eleven track record is being released through the band’s own record label Upbeat Records. 

For the new album, CAKE have announced quite an assortment of pre-order options through their online merch store. Their most basic includes an autographed album, and they go all the way to a bundle including the autographed vinyl, T-shirt, seven-inch, digital download, and an early mp3 download of the single for $35. Not bad at all. They’ve also got some samples of every song up on the merch page, but they’re only little 30 second snippets.

The first single “Sick Of You” is available to stream now at SPIN Magazine’s website.

CAKE – John McCrea (Vocals/Piano/Nord), Vincent DiFiore (Trumpet/Euphonium/Keyboards), Xan McCurdy (Guitar/Synthesizer) and Gabriel Nelson (Bass/Guitar/Rheem/Bandalero) – announces their first album of new material since 2004’s Pressure Chief. They’ll release Showroom Of Compassion, their 6th studio album, January 11th 2011 on their own label, Upbeat Records (through Warner Music Group’s Independent Label Group). The album was recorded over the last two and a half years and was produced and engineered by the band themselves at CAKE’s own solar electric powered studio in Sacramento, CA.

Track list:

1. Federal Funding

2. Long Time

3. Got To Move

4. What’s Now Is Now

5. Mustache Man (Wasted)

6. Teenage Pregnancy

7. Sick Of You

8. Easy to Crash

9. Bound Away

10. The Winter

11. Italian Guy


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