Today In Music News: Wed Oct 6

Corin Tucker’s new record 1,000 Years has finally come out through Kill Rock Stars records, and she recently talked to Exclaim! about lots of cool stuff:

“[Releasing the album is] something that I thought about in the back of my mind, but… I’ve had a lot going on,” Tucker chuckles sleepily over the phone from her home in Portland, OR. “I had written a few songs to do for a benefit show for this place called Reading Frenzy here in Portland. Then I decided, ‘Okay, I should really make a record,’ and then I really had to push myself to get all the songs done.”

There are some great new records up right now for streaming through’s excellent Listening Party service. Some highlights include Tim Kasher’s The Game Of Monogamy, PS I Love You’s Meet Me At The Muster Station, Clinic’s Bubblegum, and more.

Some guy in Seattle has launched an online campaign with the goal of paying Weezer $10 million dollars if they break up. He’s got $9,999,818 to go guys.

Karen-O has a new song (a cover of Roger Alan Wade’s “If You’re Gonna Be Dumb, You Gotta Be Tough”) and it’s coming out on… the Jackass 3D soundtrack?  You can hear the song online here.

Chunklet’s third book, The Indie Cred Test, is out, and Fucked Up have contributed a song for the 7″ record that is available to people who donate through Kickstarter.

Glastonbury 2011’s headlining acts will be announced…when all the tickets sell out. Come on, guys!

You can now pre-order copies of the 2010 Polaris Prize posters from Maple Music. The one for the Besnard Lakes is my favourite.

Photo by Robert Scales, via Creative Commons


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