Seen and Heard

The new Hollerado video is pretty cool — and pretty popular.

The YouTube description asks fans to share the link in order to help “this video up to ONE BEEEELION views.” While it’s not there yet, many have already made the comparison between Hollerado and another famous four-piece known for their innovative music videos.

“If people are saying we’re the next OK Go but they’re going to keep looking at it, then that’s fantastic,” says Versteeg. “If they want to say we’re the next Fred Penner and still keep looking at it, then I don’t really care as long as they’re listening to our music. You can’t deny the similarities of this video but I don’t think our music is similar.”

The Wooden Sky recorded a Daytrotter session. These are always great.

Check out a video of Toronto band Rival Boys recording at Chemical Sound.

Wolf Parade have released a new video from Expo 76, for “Yulia.”

Born Ruffians have released a new song, featuring Dave Monks of Toyko Police Club, from their upcoming EP.

Born Ruffians – First Date Kid by Warp Records

The new Danko Jones video stars the Karate Kid. That’s right.

The XX stopped by CBC’s Studio Q for a performance.

Remember actress/model Milla Jovovich’s short-lived music career? Her single wasn’t bad, actually. Diamond Rings covered it, with some help from Owen Pallett.


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