Today In Music News: Mon Oct 11

Born Ruffians’ new EP Plinky Plonk is currently only available on tour, but it’ll be released digitally on November 15.

Next Music of TOKYO is bringing Japanese indie artists on tour across Canada — I’m going to try to check out one of the Toronto shows.

The persistent rumours of a new upcoming Apple music service continue — reports are now that the company is talking to major labels about launching a subscription-based service for music downloads. Of course, this requires the labels to play along, and I’m not convinced they’ll do that so I’m not holding my breathe on this one.

Broken Social Scene and The Sea and the Cake have teamed up for a split 7-inch, which you can now preorder.

In more 7-inch news, Thurston Moore will release a double 7-inch and a book this fall through his Ecstatic Peace label.

Caribou will release a remix album in November.

The Formula 1 Grad Prix has rescheduled, which means Montreal’s MUTEK festival no longer has to; it’ll run June 1 to 5, 2011 as planned.

70s cabaret pop — WTF was that, right?! Luckily, the Guardian explains.

Record label Flemish Eye are releasing a limited-edition zine called Eye Spy, featuring artwork from their recording artists.

Nettwerk Records are celebrating their 25th anniversary — not with silver, but with the release of a book and a best-of compilation album.

The first round of artists for CMW 2011 in Toronto has been released.

Weezer aren’t really fazed by an offer of $10 million to break up, probably mostly cause the guy behind the campaign has only managed to raise about $400 so far.

Remember Chixdiggit? Yeah, I know! Well, they’re touring Europe this month.

Photo by Robyn Lee, via Creative Commons


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