Today In Music News: Tues Oct 12

The Flaming Lips’ annual March of 1000 Skeletons will take place in Oklahoma City again this year, with the Lips leading a parade of fans in skeleton costumes through downtown Oklahoma City. I have now discovered a reason to visit Oklahoma City.Jonsi will be hitting record stores across the U.S. while on tour, where he’ll play acoustic performances. You can catch those performances and the more standard ones around the U.S. over this month and the next.

Iron and Wine’s next album will be called Kiss Each Other Clean, and it will be released by Warner Bros. instead of Sub Pop, home of previous releases. Would love to read an interview discussing that decision.

Daft Punk’s soundtrack for the Tron sequel will actually be released on December 7, instead of November 22 as originally planned. In the meantime, check out this twenty-second clip of the score.

Derezzed by ludomoski

Gayngs had to cancel their Austin City Limits performance this weekend when their tour bus — containing their gear — was stolen, but fortunately the bus has been found…and wasn’t quite stolen in the first place.

All of the band’s equipment is currently safe in Nashville, where the tour bus company CJ Star Buses is based, according to the Minneapolis Star Tribune. The company apparently told their driver to return to the headquarters early because the band was late in paying a $6,000 bill, according to CJ Star Buses’s CJ Curtsinger. Gayngs do not agree with this claim, but it looks like they’ll get their stuff back.

In a classic good news/bad news story, Interscope excitedly reported that they now earn 70% of their revenues from digital formats.

But let’s get serious: sure, digital music sales are up, but that’s really only because physical CD and LP sales are still so shitty. It’s like being excited that you’re getting so much more done each day but only because you don’t sleep anymore.

Lykke Li is release a new single on October 25, with an album to follow in early 2011.

The Free Music Archive has introduced some new features, including a message board and scrobbling.

Photo by Michael Scanlan, via Creative Commons


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