Today In Music News: Thu Oct 14

Pixies frontman Black Francis has a new record coming out on November 16th called The Golem. Apparently it’s a rock opera!

Toronto’s Peace Dot Love music festival has secured some solid talent, including Big Boi and Grand Analog.

It’s a good time to be an Electronic music fan, what with the recent release of Ninja Tune’s label-spanning XX boxset and now this: A new feature-length documentary Bassweight about the history of dubstep comes to dvd on October 24th.

Amy Winehouse appears in Harper’s Bazaar for their November issue, and it sounds like Winehouse is both improved and not yet on her game.

I have no idea what prompted this, but I can say that 45 minutes later, she is changed. She is physically unstable, wobbly in high block heels. Soon, she begins a chorus-girl routine for the camera—complete with cha-chas and pirouettes. “Hurry up, Bryan!” she shouts. “This is like a three-hour-long blood extraction!” She hikes her black-and-white-checked miniskirt up and shakes her hips.

Wintersleep have fleshed out their tour plans.

THe National Music Centre is getting a $50-million boost in funds.

Jim Guthrie (of Royal City and solo fame) talked to Exclaim! about his many side projects, as well the soundtrack to the film When We Were Boys.

“Writing music for film and video is very different from making records, but in both cases you are trying to get to the emotional core of the music you’re creating,” observes Guthrie. “It’s all a pretty mysterious process for me.”

More info on Converse’s plans to open a recording studio in Brooklyn.

Rapper T.I. became a hero yesterday, when he talked a jumper out of committing suicide. T.I. heard the story on the radio, and rushed to the scene. While there, he recorded a video message that was send up to the jumper.

T.I. said in his message, “Nothing is that bad. Nothing in life is worth taking your life. I’m here to help you. Please come down to talk to me.”

Photo by Will Fresch, via Creative Commons


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