Today In Music News: Tues Oct 19

Diamond Rings is releasing his debut full-length next week, and Chromewaves are giving away passes to the release show at The Garrison on October 26.

Halifax Pop Explosion starts this week — check out some vintage Much Music coverage of the festival, from back when they actually covered music.

Basia Bulat talked to The Mark about female musicians and her second album.

I do get disappointed a lot when I read music reviews about women, and this isn’t necessarily about myself, but I’ve seen so many articles that have been written about women or women bands. And I think one of the most recent was by a woman in a very big newspaper in the U.S. that was called “Chick Bands Can Be Hit or Miss.” And I just thought what a strange thing to write to start off the article and it made me really sad because what does that sentence mean? Can’t any band be hit or miss?

Sadly, rapper Eyedea passed away over the weekend. He was 28.

Today we’ve got some links to brand new videos from Best Coast (“Boyfriend”), Massive Attack (“Atlas Air”) and Flying Lotus (“Kill Your Co-workers”).

Electronic and Metalcore hybrid band Genghis Tron have gone on an official hiatus, two years after their critically acclaimed record Board Up The House. The band released this statement to the public:

Things have been pretty quiet for Genghis Tron recently, which has led some folks to ask us if we’re breaking up. Well, we definitely aren’t breaking up, but we have decided to take some time away from the band.

It will be a while before we release another record — and probably even longer before we play shows. However, this was the best thing we could do to make sure that GT keeps writing some real toe-tappers. Whenever we come back, it will probably be pretty weird and really good.

Kanye West tweeted that “they” banned the very Regretsy cover for his upcoming album, due to censorship. I think “they” were just trying to do the world’s eyeballs a favour.

Despite his recent brush with good Samaritan-ism, rapper T.I. has been sentenced to 11 months in prison on his probation violation charges.


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