Today In Music News: Wed Oct 20

The Soft Pack are now on Mexican Summer, and you can now order their first 7″ for them from the label.

CMJ is underway in NYC. If you can’t be there in person, you can at least stream a bunch of tracks from participating artists, thanks to Spinner.

NPR is streaming a full Jonsi concert — but only until tomorrow! They’ll have select clips online after October 21, but you’re nearly out of time to watch it in full.

Snailhouse (featuring Michael Feuerstack of Wooden Stars/Bell Orchestre) were recently dropped off two Beach House shows in France because they  have “house” in their name.

“Even though there was a contract and we said we’d change the name to ‘Mike Feuerstack’ they still said ‘no,’” Cunjak said, adding that the debacle left Snailhouse scrambling for make-up dates.

“I really hope it was the management and not the band, but really, what a fucking dumb move to pull on an independent touring band,” Cunjak said.

If you were excited about Joanna Newsom’s rumored upcoming cameo on The Simpsons, then we have some bad news for you.

“Regrettably, the awesome rumour of my upcoming cameo on The Simpsons is unfounded,” Newsom said.

Warpaint’s album The Fool isn’t out until next week, but it’s available to stream online now.

Recently Moe Tucker — former Velvet Underground drummer — popped up in a news interview supporting the Tea Party. She agreed to do an email interview with the St. Louis Riverfront Times:

She goes on to rail against government intervention in what she sees as personal matters, including healthy eating and installing eco-friendly lightbulbs. And she comes out quite strongly against pork-barrel spending: “It drives me nuts to see that X millions are being allocated to build a turtle tunnel, a donkey museum, a salamander crossing, etc, etc, etc.”

I love these Literal Video Versions — here’s one for “1979” by Smashing Pumpkins.

Photo by Brittany Bush Bollay, via Creative Commons


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