Today In Music News: Thu Oct 21

Toronto’s Dinosaur Bones are unsigned no more, having come on board with Dine Alone Records. Their first EP for the label, Birthright, will be release on November 2.

Zeus are releasing a series of 7″ singles through Arts and Crafts — you can order the first one as of November 30. They’re heading to Europe for more touring, and playing some Canadian dates again in December.

Ari Up — of the influential post-punk band The Slits — has passed away at 48. The news broke when her stepfather John Lydon announced the news online.

Destroyer is staying busy, with an EP (Archer on the Beach) coming out on November 2and a new full-length (Kaputt) set for release on Merge on January 25.

If you’re looking for band tshirts with cooler-than-average designs, be sure to check out Soundscreen Design. They have a series of shirts featuring designs by the musicians themselves. My favourite is the one by Jeremy Earl.

Jack White has been confirmed as a guest star on Conan O’brien’s upcoming TBS debut. This doesn’t come as too big a surprise, seeing as the two have collaborated more than a few times recently.

A collaboration that falls more on the strange side of things would be something like U2 working with Danger Mouse. Wait, really!?

We can all tell when a song’s got a hook, but what exactly is it? NPR explains.

It’s simple, catchy — or annoying, depending on your point of view — but it worms its way in and won’t go away. It sometimes uses a different musical structure from the verses to set it apart. The hook is often the key to a hit song — sometimes, says Seattle jock Bender, to the detriment of the rest of the song.

Montreal-based hot band Braids are releasing their debut full-length on January 18, 2011. The album, Native Speaker, will come out on Kanine Records.

Photo courtesy Flickr user Davie_T and Creative Commons


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