Today In Music News: Fri Oct 22

In news that may surprise you (it did me), the Smashing Pumpkins are release a new EP. Teargarden by the Kaledyscope Vol. 2 — The Solstice Bare (ugh) comes out on November 23 on both CD and 12″ picture disc.

Maura Johnston writes about the phenomenon of the companion album in Vanity Fair.

“Companion” records seems to be the next step in extending albums’ shelf lives, following the “deluxe” editions that populated stores during the past few holiday seasons—add a few tracks to the back end of an album and release one of them to radio, slap on a new coat of paint, and—voila!—a stocking stuffer is born.

In his latest move to shore up his obviously-low self esteem, Kanye West went and got himself some diamond teeth. Good luck with your gum care, Kanye.

Sigur Rós frontman Jónsi and his management have canceled a set of North American in-store performances after what sounds like an uncomfortable first performance:

And standing there nose-to-nose with fans in the cold light of day the other day in Origami Records, Los Angeles, he had the sudden and undeniable realisation that this is not the environment in which he flourishes. Arguably it was the most uncomfortable experience of his ten years in the public eye, and as a result we are unwilling to put him in the line of fire again.

The upcoming Guided by Voices tribute album is shaping up to be something very special, with acts like Cymbals Eat Guitars, Thurston Moore, Elf Power, Superdrag and more officially confirmed.

Sufjan Stevens recently opened up about some serious health issues he went through in the last year or so:

“I probably shouldn’t go into the gory details of what I went through, but I will say that I did get very sick last year and had some serious health issues that were really confusing and mysterious and debilitating,” Stevens reveals. “For several months, I couldn’t really work and was forced to focus on my physicality and restoring myself. It took several months before I could even get back to working again and writing music.”

Phoenix played Madison Square Gardens this week, and then Daft Punk showed up. That’s pretty cool. They play Hamilton tonight.

Photo via. Flickr user andra_veraart / Creative Commons


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  1. lustandfury

    “Teargarden by the Kaledyscope Vol. 2 — The Solstice Bare” is the worst album name I’ve heard yet from this “band”.

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