Today In Music News: Thu Oct 28

Krist Novoselic and Butch Vig are both joining Dave Grohl for the next Foo Fighters album. The 90s are so hot right now.

Kid Koala is releasing a new book and music project — both called Space Cadet — next year.

So, apparently Limewire was still operating? Not anymore, though.

Japandroids covered PJ Harvey’s “Shame” for their upcoming 7″ single, but they’re not sure how it turned out.

“I feel we didn’t give it everything we should have,” he admitted. “I’m a little bit nervous for it to come out. One of the goals with the covers was to get the covers to a point where we would be proud to give them to the band [who conceived them] and be like, ‘We love your band and we did this.’ I don’t know if I can give that one to Polly Jean. It should have been even better than that.”

The White Stripes will cover “Rated X” — previously released by the band a “Hotel Yorba” b-side — as part of a Loretta Lynn tribute album.

We Are Wolves and Trigger Effect are among the bands performing at CAMIQ 2010.

The Arcade Fire are returning to the set of Saturday Night Live to perform on November 13.

Winnipeg’s The Details will release a new EP, The Original Mark, on November 16.

Today in things that are totally unnecessary, Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” will be turned into a feature-length film.


Photo by NRK P3, via Creative Commons


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