Today In Music News: Tues Nov 2

If you haven’t already heard, the extremely popular and critically acclaimed post-punk band Women had a rough weekend. On Friday they apparently “imploded on stage”, cancelled some tour dates, and allegedly have broken up. No official word from the band or its representatives, but an Exclaim reader had this to say of the Victoria, BC show:

As they initially came on stage the band members seemed to be struggling with Patrick [Flegel, guitarist] and a fight almost broke out. They went backstage again for several minutes. The band came out again minus Patrick and were making small talk with the audience. Patrick came out acting really erratic and said something to the effect of “we’re breaking up right now, you’re all going to see our last show.”

 […] They played about five songs, which sounded pretty awful. At one point Patrick said (into the mic, during a song) “you fucked that up” to Christopher [Reimer, guitarist]. Christopher and Matthew [Flegel, bassist] left the stage at the end of the song. Michael [Wallace, drummer] left after another minute or two or later, saying “my music career is over.”

Were you a big Garbage fan? If so, you’ll be happy to hear that Shirley Manson confirmed that Garbage are working on a new record.

Scratch fanatic and expert turntablist Kid Koala revealed some details from his upcoming album/book Space Cadet.

In a recent interview with Spinner, San called Space Cadet “the quietest thing I’ve ever done,” adding, “the music is very lullaby-like, mostly recorded on acoustic keyboards with turntable woodwinds and turntable strings. It’s a complete anti-dance floor, anti-rock out kind of thing.”

Feist has a documentary coming to DVD on December 6th called Look What The Light Did Now. It focuses on the creation of her record The Reminder and chronicles the tour that followed it.

CBC Radio 3 have released their long list for the annual Bucky awards. Get in your votes for your favourites in categories like “Most Canadian Song” and “Best Lyric.”

One of my favorite bands, Grandaddy, are putting out a bunch of vinyl reissues just in time for the Christmas season. Which indie-rocker on your list will you give Under The Western Freeway to?

Lo-Fi mastermind Dylan Baldi — aka Cloud Nothings — is reading his debut record after a series of seven-inches and singles collections. If it’s anything like his hyper-catchy output so far, it’s sure to be a winner.


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