Cursed Arrows Update: Album Announcement and More

The recently re-located Cursed Arrows have been keeping busy in Halifax lately playing live-to-air on CDKU, performing at Pop Explosion, and more. Today they’ve dropped some tantalizing information on their blog regarding a new record and the possibility of an upcoming seven-inch.

Their 2009 record Telepathic High Five was a blast of catchy, distorted awesomeness — and one of my favorite records of that year — so this news has me very excited. Their devotion to physical formats is something I love to see, and the idea that in the near future I could own a Cursed Arrows seven-inch is just totally awesome. Check the details below for more about what else is coming up in the future for Cursed Arrows.

If you’re located in Halifax, be sure to catch the band at Gus’ Pub this Friday, November 5th. They’re playing with Kestrels, and The Vagrant Hearts.

Hello, Wide World of Webs.
Are you listening?

In spite of recent music sales trends, we have sold hundreds more copies of our 2009 album Telepathic High Five at shows than online.

In fact, nobody has purchased our album in its intangible digital format in the last year.
Nobody. So it appears that we’re on the right track, selling only tangible copies of our album in person, at shows, as we should be.

Our third album, The M____ of C____, will be released in the Spring of 2011 in LP format.

In all likelihood, it will be released independently, as with our first two full-lengths. However, unlike the first two, this one will be recorded in an analogue studio. There are serious talks of a 7″ single to precede the LP’s release.
There are also talks of founding our own label for this, and future outputs.

In the meantime, we’re still working day jobs and and scraping by in anticipation of yet another massive investment into our musical future. Another financial nose dive in service to our artistic freedom.

We want you to continue to hold our music in your arms.
This is what it’s all about.


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