Gauntlet Hair’s “Out, Don’t… / Heave” Seven-Inch (Mexican Summer)

Denver, Colorado’s independent scene has spawned quite a few buzz bands lately (see: Pictureplane, Tennis, etc), and Gauntlet Hair (Andy R. and Craig Nice) are no exception. Earlier last month the band teamed up with taste-making blogs Altered Zones and Gorilla Vs. Bear to co-premier a track from their new seven-inch out now on Mexican Summer. Now that it has been out for a while — and flying a bit under the radar still — we’ve got “Out, Don’t…” streaming, as well as more info on how to get your hands on this great record through the jump…

Coming off the blog-hype for their excellent single “I Was Thinking”, “Out, Don’t…” is another post-punk nugget of the dance-influenced variety. Mexican Summer’s write up describes them as a Duran Duran / Liars / Yeasayer combination, so take that however you like. I’ve been digging everything they’ve put out thus far, so you’ll want to keep an eye on them in the future as they seem ready to break out at any moment. You can make your way over and grab the seven-inch here. It’s a steal at $5.98 (or $1.99 for the digital download).


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