Today In Music News: Thu Nov 4

Eddie Vedder and Peaches will both lend their talents to the upcoming R.E.M. album, the band’s 15th studio record. Collapse Into Now will be released in the spring.

LCD Soundsystem is releasing a nine-track live album, John Peel-styles, on November 9, available exclusively on iTunes until December 6.

Peter Gabriel has recorded a song to benefit victims of devastating flooding in Pakistan earlier this year. Gabriel collaborated with Pakistani musician Salman Ahmad on the song, called “Open Your Eyes.” In an interview today with CBC Radio’s Jian Ghomeshi, Gabriel called the West’s aid response to Pakistan “pathetic.”

“This is a huge tragedy and maybe because of the worst association [with] terrorism with Pakistan there’s been a pathetic response,” Gabriel said Thursday in an interview with CBC Radio’s Q cultural affairs show.

“These are people suffering in extraordinary ways and I think we’ve failed terribly.”

Beck — who is now 40, OMG — is planning a physical release of some of the songs his Record Club has covered. You can go to their site and tell them which ones you like best; the top vote-getters will be on the album, about which details are still scant.

Along with singing and writing songs, Neko Case is good at taking pictures. Some of her photos will appear as part of a National Geographic Live series called “Music On…Photography.”

Arcade Fire’s Win Butler returned to his alma mater, Northwestern, to discuss his charity work with Partners for Health.

“We try to leave art out of it a little bit. We do write songs about Haiti and stuff like that but we try to draw a line a little bit between our work with PIH and the artistic side of things. In our personal lives, we help out. We have volunteers at the shows giving out information. We try to keep them a little bit separate because I think if they get too entwined, it can hurt the artistic process. Once we start making that album then I think we’re getting a little more preachy.”

Looks like the American Music Awards will be terrible, as usual!

Photo by Ted Swedenburg, via Creative Commons


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