Today In Music News: Thu Nov 11

Neil Young’s collection of vintage cars and other memorabilia were unfortunately caught up in a warehouse fire that racked up around $1 million dollars in damages.

According to an ABC report, the Bay Area warehouse contained paintings and at least six cars, along with other items. Worse still, the 15,000-square-foot space housed musical equipment in road cases, plus canisters of archival film footage and music. Firefighters responded quickly to the blaze, which took about an hour to put out. The majority of the items inside were saved, although at least one vintage car was lost. There’s no word as to whether the film footage and music was saved, but according to San Carlos fire marshall Jim Palisi, Young “had a lot of film material in there that the firefighters protected.”

Mark Ronson seems to be popping up everywhere in the news these days, most recently he’s been at work with The Black Lips on their new record due out April 5th, 2011.

We love us some Merge Records around these parts, so it’s always good news when the label announces new records. The latest record is the new full-length 12 Desperate Straight Lines from power-poppers Telekenisis. I thought their debut LP was ultra-catchy and tons of fun, so here’s hoping the next one is just as good. The album comes out February 15th. Pre-orders are available now.

Speaking of Merge Records, today you can download Superchunk’s excellent come-back record Majesty Shredding for only $3.99 on Amazon. If you haven’t heard this record yet, it rocks hard! Grab it while it’s cheap!

…And You Will Know Us From The Trail Of Dead have also announced an upcoming record called Tao Of The Dead due out on February 8th. The album will also include an accompanying comic book, according to the bands blog.

According to a press release, “The new album pays faithful homage to Pink Floyd, Rush, Steppenwolf and Neu!” It was made with producer Chris “Frenchie” Smith, who worked with the group on their 1998 self-titled record. The band also enlisted the help of producer Chris Coady (Yeah Yeah Yeahs, TV on the Radio, Beach House) for the 15-minute cut “Tao of the Dead Part 2.”

Kanye West is in the news for saying something crazy again, this time comparing Coldplay to The Beatles. Yeah… I think this one speaks for itself:

“I love Coldplay, and I honestly think they are on the same level as the Beatles,” Ye said. “In 30 years, when Coldplay are old men, people will look back and say, ‘These guys were more talented than the Beatles.’ I have worked with Chris Martin and the man is a genius — as a performer and a songwriter he is on the same level as John Lennon. I am not saying this sort of shit lightly, it’s really how talented the guy is. And Coldplay can go down as the best ever — even bigger than the Beatles.”

Photo via Flickr/Creative Commons, User Ylefipop.


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