Today In Music News: Tue Nov 23

We’re back from vacation and back in the saddle!

In news that excites me, Lykke Li will release her sophomore album Wounded Rhymes on March 1, 2011. You can also snag a free download of her new single, “Get Some.” I must go see her May date in Toronto.

Breakout band Hey Rosetta! are releasing their second studio full-length, called Seeds, on February 15, 2011.

Where does Kanye West go now that he’s managed to get critics to buy into the hype for his new album, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy?

It’s always worth pausing for breath when hyperbolic music spawns hyperbolic prose. Because West is, depending on what Lady Gaga’s up to that week, the most interesting pop star in the world; because his ego is as big as the Death Star; because his first two albums were hip-hop landmarks; because Twisted Fantasy is so overstuffed and overwhelming, it almost forces an awestruck response. If it walks like a masterpiece and it quacks like a masterpiece …

Aidan Knight is releaseing a new seven-inch follow-up to Versicolour on November 30.

Motherboard argues that the iPad isn’t the musical instrument of the future, as some are claiming — and that the real next best thing is already here.

No matter how easy and accessible iMusic becomes, the experience of playing an instrument – as in, something that can’t also be used as a farting app – is still something that musicians value. Keyboards have long been the favored tool of tech-heavy composers, but even with their long-standing tradition as staples of electronic music, they still leave much to be desired in terms of tactile control. And on top of that, they quite frankly have gotten really boring.

Tom Waits newest project isn’t musical at all — it’s a photography and poetry book that explores the lives of the homeless.

And to end on a high note, Jack White’ s Third Man Records will reissue the first three White Stripes albums — The White Stripes, De Stilj and White Blood Cells — on vinyl.

“We started by mastering each LP from the original analog master tapes, the first time this process had been used for any of these titles. While extremely labor-intensive, this method ensured that the material was never converted into a digital signal. The result is an audio quality that stiffens the hairs on the back of your neck.”

Photo by Sergei Yahchybekov, via Creative Commons


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