Tearjerker’s “Strangers” Review and Stream

I love a good musical surprise, which is exactly what Tearjerker’s new record Strangers ended up being (out now through Sore Thumb Records). I recently got a pretty random friend request through a mutual friend on facebook, and that brought me to the Sore Thumb Records’ facebook fan page. I clicked the like button and forgot about it for a while. That’s when Strangers popped up on my feed, the striking cover art caught my eye and begged me to listen. I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect, but now that I’ve spent some time with it I’m happy these seemingly unconnected events have lead me to a nice little record. Isn’t it nice when things work out that way?

Tearjerker play lo-fi indie, but it’s not abrasive or noisy like so many of the other bands getting popular these days. Instead they choose to go the atmospheric route, blanketing these nine songs in fuzz, acoustic guitars and distant reverberating vocal melodies. Opener “Best” grabbed me from the start, and the rest of the songs followed suit. “Noah” could probably be best described as just “haunting”, and “On Purpose” is another highlight — its acoustic guitar riff is very addictive.

If you’re the type of person who is willing to sit on a record for a while, I highly recommend Stangers. Every time I listen to it, I find myself wanting to come back more. The melodies feel like they are slowly unfurling with each additional listen, becoming somehow catchier the more familiar I get with the songs. Now that winter is rolling into town, the warm fuzz of Strangers just might be the perfect soundtrack to your cold nights spent indoors.

You can stream the record for free, buy the physical copy for $12, or grab it digitally as a pay-what-you-can download from their bandcamp page.



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