Today In Music News: Fri Nov 26

Today is Black Friday, but it’s also another Record Store Day! Go hit up your local store to see what they have available; the offerings include seven-inches from MGMT and Bob Dylan.

MuchMusic continues on its mission to destroy my memories of my adolescence by trying to get the CRTC to let it play even less music than the channel currently airs, which I didn’t think was actually possible for them to do. The CRTC has told them that’s not going to fly, however. Now how will all those reruns of Jersey Shore get aired?!

Prodigy’s Smack My Bitch Up was named the most controversial song of all time by PRS For Music.

The 1997 single sparked criticism for its allegedly misogynistic lyrics and its violent video was widely banned. It topped other controversial singles on the list like the Sex Pistols’ monarchy-bashing “God Save the Queen” (which came in at No. 2) and Frankie Goes to Hollywood’s highly sexual “Relax” (which was No. 3). The top five was rounded out by Eminem’s “Kim” and Rage Against the Machine’s chart-topping “Killing in the Name.”

When it comes to making coin on the road, Canadian musicians aren’t doing too badly for themselves: Michael Buble, Rush, Justin Beiber and Arcade Fire were all in the top 20 earners on tour in 2010.

Ra Ra Riot are planning to spend even more time on tour in 2011, with North American dates booked through December and January.

Check out this intense looking box set for Primal Scream’s classic genre-defining album Screamadelica.

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of Primal Scream‘s dance-rock masterpiece Screamadelica, there’s a massive deluxe set afoot. The Collector’s Edition is out March 7 via Creation and includes four CDs filled with the remastered album, remixes, and The Dixie Narco EP, a making-of DVD, and the album on double vinyl. (A Deluxe Edition features the remastered album and the The Dixie Narco EP on CD.) My Bloody Valentine’s Kevin Shields helped remaster the album.

Jews are short on quality Hanukkah music, which might get annoying at this Christmas-saturated time of year. Matisyahu is trying to help y’all out.


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