Today In Music News: Tues Nov 30

Making me sad that I didn’t attend their Toronto show this weekend, Wolf Parade have announced that they’re on an indefinite hiatus.

Dine Alone Records is releasing the Gasoline Rainbows compilation, featuring songs from City and Colour, Phoenix, and the Black Keys. Proceeds from sales of the record benefit Global Green and communities affected by the Gulf Oil Spill earlier this year.

Recently Atlas Sound digitally released a slew of bedroom recordings and demos spread over four volumes. In a weird twist, Sony Music has attacked the releases and subsequently deleted three of the four volumes. Bradford Cox has been quoted “Apparently Sony Music owns my bedroom“. Here’s the details:

The Sony e-mail– copied and pasted on Cox’s site— claims, “The specific reason for the removal was: unauthorized reproduction and distribution of copyrighted sound recordings owned or exclusively distributed by Sony Music.” This is especially curious because, last time we checked, Atlas Sound are signed to Kranky and Deerhunter are signed to 4AD, neither of which are associated with Sony. A call in to Sony has yet to be returned.

The Streets’ Mike Skinner left his artwork up to his fans for his new record, and he’s released the result. What do you think?

Mike Skinner recently announced via the band’s website that “the album artwork will be the first photo that is tweeted to me after this blog is posted that has anything to do with a computer. There will be a whole song on the album that explains the photo that someone is going to send to me.”The photo of the bear next to the computer (above) was sent to Skinner and is now the cover of his forthcoming fifth album Cyberspace and Reds, which will be available “before 7th February.”

Win Butler of Arcade Fire had some criticism to lobby surrounding the ongoing terrible situation in Haiti, still suffering the effects of an earthquake that occurred nearly a year ago.

According to the singer there is still much to be done just to stabilise the country. “Only 30 per cent of the rubble has been cleared. If one hundredth of what’s happening in Haiti happened in the UK, it would be the biggest global outcry in the history of the world. The main thing right now is getting governments to release the money they promised. It’s pretty shameful it’s just sitting there.”

Beach House have had a pretty successful 2010 for themselves, and they’re already making plans to spend more time on the road next year.

Iron & Wine have a new single out called Walking Far From Home and you can stream it on their MySpace now.

A duet by Wavves and Best Coast will appear on Target’s upcoming holiday compilation. Everybody, now: AWWWWW.

Versions of Joanna, a Joanna Newsom tribute album, will be released in December, with proceeds benefitting Oxfam International. The album features M. Ward and Billy Bragg, and may be the only way I can listen to Joanna Newsom songs.

Photo by rawkblog4, via Creative Commons


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