Today In Music News: Thu Dec 2

Former Bikini Kill frontwoman and current Le Tigre frontwoman Kathleen Hanna is examined in an upcoming documentary, by Sini Anderson, called The Kathleen Hanna Project a.k.a. Who Told You Christmas Wasn’t Cool? Funds for the documentary about the riot grrl touchstone will be raised at a benefit show at the Knitting Factory in Brooklyn on December 11.Nomination for the Indies, which are awarded during Canadian Music Fest in Toronto, are now open.

Popular weirdo David Lynch has been known to many as mainly a director, but over the years he’s also been painting and creating music. He recently spoke with Pitchfork about his musical side-projects:

Yeah. I have a recording studio so I’ve been experimenting for a long time in there. Big Dean Hurley is the engineer, and he and I have been making music for about five years, but we never seem to finish anything. But I’m building a new part of my web site that’ll be primarily music, so I’m working on music quite a bit these days.

Drake has been announced as host of the Juno awards. Do you think this is a desperate attempt to capture a younger audience? Drake has promised to bring his brand of youthful energy to the show:

As a host, he promised to keep the kids’ attention. “I am beyond honoured to be hosting this monumental Juno Awards in the greatest city on Earth,” he said in a press release. “I want to bring a youthful energy to the show and encourage people to be excited about what Canadian music has to offer. See you all at the show.”

Of Montreal’s Kevin Barnes is taking this Pitchfork review way too seriously.

I learned from friends that the pitchfork review of False Priest was less than good, so I avoided reading it until tonight. I gathered from PF’s review of Skeletal Lamping that we were not a darling of their blog, but I had hoped that we’d get a slightly less disappointing writer this time around and might fair a bit better. If you have read the review you’ll know this was not the case. I have no problem with people disliking my music, and even negative criticism can be constructive, as long as the person delivering the message is insightful and intelligent. Unfortunately, the dude who wrote the False Priest review is clearly not insightful or intelligent, at least not in terms of his understanding of music production.

Early-90s hip-hop legends A Tribe Called Quest are also the subject of a documentary, this one by Michael Rappaport. No release date yet for Beats, Rhymes and Fights.

This video of Michael Cera playing bass with Mister Heavenly — a super-group of sorts featuring members of Islands, Man Man, and Modest Mouse — has been tearing up the web today. Check it out!

Photo by kaitlyn rose, via Creative Commons


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